LUMA 2020 Dates

LUMA 2020 Dates

Hey friends,

This is usually the time of year we’d drop some flashy video, reminding you just how cool LUMA is so you could share it with your friends from all over the world and convince them to join us in Binghamton this coming September.

But let’s be honest: we’ve all got more important things to worry about at the moment than an upcoming arts festival, no matter how unique or inspirational we may feel it to be.

So instead, we’d like you to just save the date. And just this once, we’ll say it without a lot of fanfare: LUMA returns Sept 10-12th of 2020.

For now, we’d like you to focus on keeping your family, your friends and your community safe. Stay home, stay healthy, and take this thing seriously, because we sure as heck do.

These are uncertain times for those of us who make a living in the arts, especially in the Greater Binghamton community that we call home. If your job is secure, please, please consider making a donation to the Tri-Cities Opera, Binghamton Philharmonic, Broome County Arts Council, Goodwill Theatre or the dozens of other arts organizations that still have bills to pay while they can’t hold events. You can find some links at the bottom of this page.

In all likelihood, we’ll have gotten the all clear for public events a good long time before September.

But rest assured, we’re also thinking about how to make something truly special happen for LUMA 2020 even if it can’t take the form we’re used to. We’re ALWAYS up for a good challenge. And it’s our job to inspire whether in person or from afar.

We’d like to thank the incredible community that’s helped grow LUMA. In the coming days, we’ll spend our energy looking for ways we can give back to all of those who have made what we do possible.

Thanks, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Joshua, Tice, Anna and the whole LUMA crew

Here are some links to donate to Greater Binghamton arts organizations mentioned above:

Tri-Cities Opera
Binghamton Philharmonic
Broome County Arts Council
Goodwill Theatre