When a small team of friends gathered at Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts in Downtown Binghamton NY for the first time, they knew almost nothing about projection mapping. Only that it looked pretty spectacular.

Over the next few months, a diverse band of engineers, makers and computer techs began to research, experiment, and plan. One ran the IT department for a local school district. Another handled networking for a nearby county government. Pretty soon, the group couldn’t easily fit in the little art gallery anymore. Animators, 3D modelers and motion graphic artists joined the growing crew.

But at the heart of the group was our all-local, insanely dedicated engineering team, darting to an all staff meeting after work or driving a graphics adapter 30 minutes down the road at 4 AM.

Without them, LUMA would still be a crazy pipe dream a couple of friends batted around one summer evening.

If you’re a little crazy about technology and would like to help us build a truly spectacular show, drop us a note.

The LUMA engineering team is proudly sponsored by IBM.


Fermin Romero III
Adam Gabriel
Doug Camin
James Byron

Brian Smith
Melissa Schmitz
Matt White
Samuel Kirsch

Rebecca Sze-Tu
Dan Williams
Alan Wang
Matt Vargason