Sight Unseen: A Lights Out Dining Experience

Sight Unseen: A Lights Out Dining Experience

September 6, 2019 12:00 AM - September 8, 2019 12:00 AM

Your most important sense at the dinner table is taste–so don’t be distracted by all the rest. In 1997, a French restaurateur held the first lights out dining event. The rest is highly delicious history. Shut off your phones, settle in to your table, and enjoy a meticulously prepared meal in complete and total darkness. Relish every bite free from distraction while your servers outfitted in infrared goggles take care of everything else.

Why have dinner in darkness?

Eliminating some of your senses is said to heighten the others. By enjoying new foods without the distraction of sight, you are more likely to enjoy the full range of scents and tastes. Some who have dined in the dark report having vivid memories of the taste of their meals even years later.

How dark is it?

We aim for pitch black. It’s relaxing and liberating once you get used to it!

I’m a slightly cranky person who is easily frustrated and doesn’t like to try new things. Should I do this?

No. Our servers are highly trained professionals, but usually they do this with the lights on. The 2018 edition of Sight Unseen was a big hit, so we’re giving it another go. Still, we’re a bit new at this. Of you prefer your experience to be completely flawless, Sight Unseen 2019 may not be for you. Join us in 2020 when we’ve worked out all the kinks.

What will I be eating?

Each restaurant has prepared a prix fixe menu with a few different choices. Generally, you can expect an appetizer, entree and dessert–though do be careful: the precise execution varies from restaurant to restaurant. To learn about pricing, call the restaurant of your choice and ask the host.

When can I go?

Sight Unseen restaurants will be holding seatings in their private dining areas all throughout LUMA weekend. Call the restaurant of your choice to see what seatings are available.

Ready to make a reservation? Tables are highly limited in 2018. Each of the following restaurants is participating and taking reservations beginning 8/21:

Little Venice
607 724 2513