Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to go to LUMA?

Most features at LUMA are completely free to the public. You can just head for Downtown Binghamton and enjoy the show. A few features require tickets that you can buy online in advance. To find out what’s free and what’s not, head on over to our ‘Features’ page and select the individual items.

What? You just do amazing free art and I get to watch? Can’t I help somehow?

Well, sure. Every year, we do a KickStarter campaign. The several hundred people who contribute are a big reason that so much of LUMA is free. If we’re not currently doing a KickStarter and you’d just like to gift us a large sum of money, you can always hit the Contact link and give us the good news.

What time do the projection mapping features actually play on the buildings?

Most of our projections play in a continuous loop throughout the night. On Friday and Saturday, we start at 9 PM and wrap up around midnight. You can show up whenever you like and walk through downtown at your own pace. The major features tend to range in length from five minutes to fifteen. Also: It tends to be a bit more crowded earlier in the evening. So if you like things quiet, come out late. All major features play both Friday and Saturday night.

Are all the features projection mapping?

Projection mapping is at LUMA’s core, but we like to mix it up a little. So every year we try something new. Some things are interactive. Some are fully immersive. If you want to really understand the experience and know when to show up, you should visit the individual feature pages.

Can I be a part of the street festival, set up a booth, or sponsor the show?

Absolutely. Hit the Contact link in the menu and drop us a note.

I’m an artist who does cool stuff with technology and storytelling. Can I come play?

Sure! Drop us a note on the contact page. We love to play matchmaker between gallery spaces and artists. Or find outdoor spaces for projection work. Tell us what you’d like to bring and what you’ll need from us. Hint: the more you bring on your own, the easier it is for us to find a place for you in the festival.

What is your weather policy?

LUMA is an outdoor event. As such, we plan for the reality that weather conditions will sometimes be less than ideal. LUMA is prepared to run as normal if there are periods of light to moderate rain. We understand that people have made plans to visit from afar and they’re not easily changed. So we make every effort to run on the nights scheduled. Dress for the weather and be prepared to get a little damp!

In the event that severe rain or thunderstorms force us to cancel a night of the festival, we do have an emergency rain date planned for Sunday night. Please subscribe to our mailing list or watch our social media posts for late-breaking updates.

This page didn’t answer my question. Now what?

These are the frequently asked questions. Maybe yours is so unique we almost never hear it. Hit us up on the contact page.