LUMA Returns September 10-12 2020

Binghamton NY

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The Map
Plan your visit and check out all the great features well in advance. Explore the map.
LUMA Airship
2019 Features
LUMA returns to Binghamton NY Sept 6 and 7th! Get a preview our this year's big features.
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There are seven new major features this year. You only need tickets for two. Get your tickets here.
A compelling and visually stunning roster, from fiber optic fashion events to elaborate multidisciplinary performances.
Culture Trip
Get ready to immerse yourself in all the tech-powered beauty.
Time Out New York
LUMA might expand your destination bucket list.
The Boston Globe
With its vast collection of historic buildings, the city seemed as if it was almost waiting for art to be projected upon it.
Some of the pieces are interactive, some include live performers, and others ... transform the audience’s surroundings into a narrative.

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