Joy Boy

Joy Boy

The Fox, The Folks

95 Court Street
September 9, 2022 8:30 PM - September 10, 2022 12:15 AM
September 10, 2022 8:30 PM - September 11, 2022 12:15 AM

Joy Boy celebrates the inner child in us all: that unbridled euphoria the night you discovered your favorite video game; the shot of adrenaline from your first theme park ride. The moment you’re immersed in a new reality free from expectation, enjoying the thrill of exploration. You feel you can do anything–try anything–fearless and invincible!

Rich, contrasting colors saturate this exuberant tribute to youth before returning us ever so gently to the real world. But don’t worry: a bit of that inner child remains, just waiting to be reawakened.