KickStarter Campaign

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Why are we fundraising?

– LUMA is free.

We believe in a ‘pay what you can model’. Nobody wants to close a street down and take money at one end. So think of your contribution as your ticket in. Some years, you can afford to give a whole bunch of money. Maybe some years you can’t afford to pitch in. Last year, 447 people donated and 35,000 people came. Imagine if we could get just HALF to contribute!

– LUMA is new.

A KickStater is supposed to *start* something right? And we’re not starting. Au contraire! We’re asking you to contribute to the *new* stuff. Last year, LUMA brought international artists to Binghamton. This year we have expanded to 3 days, introduced the biggest projection mapping piece we’ve produced to date, a new storytellers conference, and more! By contributing, you’re helping build the new pieces of LUMA.

– LUMA ain’t cheap.

$2000/night projector rental. Tens of thousands to get film quality computer animations. Artists need to be paid–and we’re proud to support both veteran and emerging artists at LUMA. The reality is, our KickStarter campaign covers a small portion of the overall budget. We also have sponsors (like our amazing title sponsor VISIONS and our co-presenters City of Binghamton, Red Barn Technology and Broome County). But your contribution is a way of *telling* those sponsors how much you care about LUMA and want it to grow.

How does LUMA work?

LUMA is a view-at-your-own pace outdoor art gallery of animations. That means you can come any time during the festival and view all the projects. They each repeat on a loop. So you could even come at 11 PM and catch the whole thing.

To contribute to our 2018 KickStarter, click here.