Wonderful Wizard

92 State Street

Jesse Pelzar . Binghamton University

A modern-day Wonderful Wizard of Binghamton who watches, comments and surprises!

Jesse Pelzar is a computer engineering student at Binghamton University. Jesse is passionate about engineering, design, and entrepreneurship. Jesse’s extensive range of knowledge in hardware, software, programming, 3D, and 2D design has granted him several work opportunities outside of school. By applying a combination of different skills, Jesse has been able to design and develope user applications, LED displays, installations, and many other creative concepts. He has also acquired a vast array of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills due to creating a series of small, independent businesses—some in operation since high school. One of Jesse’s more recent business start-ups includes Loomx LLC. Loomx LLC provides customized LED installations for holiday events, commercial and residential installations, as well as Landmark and park installations. Additionally, this summer, Jesse has collaborated with members of the LUMA team to brainstorm and establish ideas for new and upcoming projection displays in the city of Binghamton. These are just a few of several examples of Jesse’s business endeavors. After he graduates, he hopes to start a corporation with individuals who specialize in similar areas of interest. Although he is still learning, his hard work and devotion is evident in the products that he delivers.