We Stand on Shoulders of the Past

By August 8, 2017 Features No Comments

In this projection mapped narrative, we explore a young girls imagination as she becomes inspired by her aging grandfathers thoughts on the future.

This work demonstrates how 3D projection mapping can radically alter the crystallization of architectural monuments. How the human spirit can potentially have a real-time conversation with the form, shape and meaning of the structures around us.

The piece will revolve around a dramatic narrative, utilizing 3D Captured Performers, Cinematic Sound, and 3D Animation in a cutting edge, forward leaning Multi-Media Spectacle specifically produced for the Facade of the First National Bank at the LUMA Projection Festival 2017.

Director – Ryan Uzilevsky
Tech Director – Todd Bryant
Choreography and Performance – Olga Dobrowolska http://www.odnaexperience.com/
Animation – Tom Bourguet
Animation – Josh Crews
Modeling + Special Effects – Sam Roe

Ryan Uzilevsky is a classically trained artist and film director who took up projection mapping as a powerful new way to tell stories and inspire the public. His works have appeared at art and music festivals all over the world including Vivid Festival, Burningman Arts Festival, Nuit Blanche New York, Coachella, Bonarroo.

His studio, Light Harvest is based in Brooklyn New York, and serves as a creative hub for artists of all types to come together and produce works in the large scale projection arts.