Timeless Tales

78 Exchange Street

Maxin10sity . Budapest

Timeless Tales offers introspection to what happens when an enchanted book gets into our hands and the beloved tales of our childhood come alive in front of our eyes. Please let us invite you to a fantastic journey into the wondrous worlds of fairy tale lore.

Maxin10sity is a high-class projection mapping producing studio driven by passion and creativity. The company consists of experienced management and multi-award winner artists. Their previous award-winning works and the wonderful performance at iMapp 555 as Maxin10sity, already predestinated them to establish huge events all over the world. Since then, besides being the art curator of both prestigious events like iMapp Bucharest and Berlin Light Festival, Maxin10sity created breath-taking shows in Karlsruhe three times, made the Audi headquarters alive of which they won the Most InAVative Live Event at the InAVation Awards, participated in several well-known light festivals, moreover they created the so-far biggest projection mapping show onto the fa├žade of Buda Castle as the Opening Ceremony of Fina World Championships.