Jack Spriggan

118 Washington Street

Mark Zifchock . Ithaca

Jack Spriggan is a Virtual Reality platformer that lets you climb, leap and swing up the surface of a gigantic beanstalk. Featuring beautiful and expansive environments, visceral combat, and surprising discoveries, it’s an adventure like none you’ve ever experienced!

Mark Zifchock is a developer and digital artist, with over 20 years of development, design, and project management experience. After studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, he started a career in design and app development at the dawn of the web, and continued to produce public interactive and data driven artworks, interactive applications, and video games. He has consistently explored technical frontiers to understand how humans and machines relate. He currently leads development at Vertexherder. Vertexherder makes interactive experiences for VR and desktop platforms. We make games where algorithms are essential elements of the experienced design. We strive to combine technical exploration and innovation with beauty in sound and form.