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Wonderful Wizard

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92 State Street

Jesse Pelzar . Binghamton University

A modern-day Wonderful Wizard of Binghamton who watches, comments and surprises!

Jesse Pelzar is a computer engineering student at Binghamton University. Jesse is passionate about engineering, design, and entrepreneurship. Jesse’s extensive range of knowledge in hardware, software, programming, 3D, and 2D design has granted him several work opportunities outside of school. By applying a combination of different skills, Jesse has been able to design and develope user applications, LED displays, installations, and many other creative concepts. He has also acquired a vast array of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills due to creating a series of small, independent businesses—some in operation since high school. One of Jesse’s more recent business start-ups includes Loomx LLC. Loomx LLC provides customized LED installations for holiday events, commercial and residential installations, as well as Landmark and park installations. Additionally, this summer, Jesse has collaborated with members of the LUMA team to brainstorm and establish ideas for new and upcoming projection displays in the city of Binghamton. These are just a few of several examples of Jesse’s business endeavors. After he graduates, he hopes to start a corporation with individuals who specialize in similar areas of interest. Although he is still learning, his hard work and devotion is evident in the products that he delivers.

Jack Spriggan

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118 Washington Street

Mark Zifchock . Ithaca

Jack Spriggan is a Virtual Reality platformer that lets you climb, leap and swing up the surface of a gigantic beanstalk. Featuring beautiful and expansive environments, visceral combat, and surprising discoveries, it’s an adventure like none you’ve ever experienced!

Mark Zifchock is a developer and digital artist, with over 20 years of development, design, and project management experience. After studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, he started a career in design and app development at the dawn of the web, and continued to produce public interactive and data driven artworks, interactive applications, and video games. He has consistently explored technical frontiers to understand how humans and machines relate. He currently leads development at Vertexherder. Vertexherder makes interactive experiences for VR and desktop platforms. We make games where algorithms are essential elements of the experienced design. We strive to combine technical exploration and innovation with beauty in sound and form.

Timeless Tales

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78 Exchange Street

Maxin10sity . Budapest

Timeless Tales offers introspection to what happens when an enchanted book gets into our hands and the beloved tales of our childhood come alive in front of our eyes. Please let us invite you to a fantastic journey into the wondrous worlds of fairy tale lore.

Maxin10sity is a high-class projection mapping producing studio driven by passion and creativity. The company consists of experienced management and multi-award winner artists. Their previous award-winning works and the wonderful performance at iMapp 555 as Maxin10sity, already predestinated them to establish huge events all over the world. Since then, besides being the art curator of both prestigious events like iMapp Bucharest and Berlin Light Festival, Maxin10sity created breath-taking shows in Karlsruhe three times, made the Audi headquarters alive of which they won the Most InAVative Live Event at the InAVation Awards, participated in several well-known light festivals, moreover they created the so-far biggest projection mapping show onto the façade of Buda Castle as the Opening Ceremony of Fina World Championships.

We Stand on Shoulders of the Past

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In this projection mapped narrative, we explore a young girls imagination as she becomes inspired by her aging grandfathers thoughts on the future.

This work demonstrates how 3D projection mapping can radically alter the crystallization of architectural monuments. How the human spirit can potentially have a real-time conversation with the form, shape and meaning of the structures around us.

The piece will revolve around a dramatic narrative, utilizing 3D Captured Performers, Cinematic Sound, and 3D Animation in a cutting edge, forward leaning Multi-Media Spectacle specifically produced for the Facade of the First National Bank at the LUMA Projection Festival 2017.

Director – Ryan Uzilevsky
Tech Director – Todd Bryant
Choreography and Performance – Olga Dobrowolska
Animation – Tom Bourguet
Animation – Josh Crews
Modeling + Special Effects – Sam Roe

Ryan Uzilevsky is a classically trained artist and film director who took up projection mapping as a powerful new way to tell stories and inspire the public. His works have appeared at art and music festivals all over the world including Vivid Festival, Burningman Arts Festival, Nuit Blanche New York, Coachella, Bonarroo.

His studio, Light Harvest is based in Brooklyn New York, and serves as a creative hub for artists of all types to come together and produce works in the large scale projection arts.


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Rama Karl

Actions explores our relationship to performative theatre with generative characters. Projected live on the Stone Opera House, Actions comments on the sense of life and energy found in the moment present, as the characters themselves choose and play out unscripted narratives on the facade in real time.

Rama Carl is a media artist based in Oakland, CA exploring new methods in character animation and intelligence. From Ithaca, NY, his background covers fine arts and computer science, while his artistic works have been shown internationally in Beijing, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy. Recently, Rama has explored 3D Printing and creative data visualization with NVIDIA. His current artistic works focus on artificial characters and crowds.