Tice Lerner
Co-Founder and R&D Director

Tice is an award winning photographer specializing in street photography and high magnification optics. A Binghamton, NticeY, resident since the age of five, Tice has been working on an ongoing photo essay titled Ever Onward, documenting the streets of Broome County since 2010. His work explores the effects of gentrification on the poverty cycle as Binghamton rises from the Rust Belt. Ever Onward has been in major shows throughout the US including New York City and Miami. Tice’s work is hung in art collections as far as Kuwait.

Besides photography Tice also does work in practical effects for film and television (prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppetry) as well videography. With a workshop based out of Binghamton he hopes to attract future film production into Broome County.